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Solihull & Birmingham Photographer and Videographer

Solihull & Birmingham Photographer Videographer. Filmmaker. Wedding films.

capturing life since 2015

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, I'm adapting my services to be safer for all of us.

Last minute requests for Wedding Photography and Video Services can be made here and I aim to respond within the same day. Significant discounts are currently offered on all work until 31st August 2020.



I’m Arun – a photographer, filmmaker, coffee-addict and storyteller.

From weddings to promotional videos, it’s my goal to create beautiful photos and films that tells your story and gets your message heard.

I’d love to hear your story and journey so far, whether you’re planning a special day or growing your business, let’s grab a coffee and chat!

(also, I’m always down to collaborate with like-minded creators – hmu!)

What can I offer you?

If you’re considering booking me at some point in the future, it’s best I set up some expectations here for how I operate and interact with my clients.


Hiring a photographer or videographer shouldn’t give you a headache. I want the whole process of using my services to be as simple and easy as possible. I achieve this through fast and effective communication, clear and consise contracts, and setting realistic timescales. If there’s ever anything I can do for you, let me know.


I don’t lie and I don’t hide. The price we agree on is the price you pay (unless you later require more services). I set realistic delivery dates because I know I can meet those deadlines 99.9% of the time. And if something does go wrong, I’ll be upfront and honest so we can work out a solution together.

value for money

Many photographers seemingly offer ‘budget’ photoshoots, to later charge extortionate prices for individual photos. While this model may work for some people, I don’t believe in charging extra for photos that I’ve already taken and are literally ‘sitting’ on my computer. So in addition to my fair and reasonable prices, I will always deliver as many photos as I have. This means you won’t have to go through the extra hassle of picking out your favourites, and missing out purely because of cost.


Finally, no matter how much you’re paying, I’m always fully invested in what I’m creating for you. Photo and video is not just my occupation, but a serious passion. The majority of my profits go straight back into upgrading and investing in the latest industry-standard equipment: be that cameras, lenses, lighting or microphones. All photos I deliver are large enough resolution to be printed for a large wall canvas, and my videos are almost always delivered in 4K Ultra HD, futureproofing your content for years to come. If you’re interested in the specific equipment I use day in, day out, take a look here.

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